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Zephyr Two Treadle Portable Spinning Wheel

Now....for the Yarn Lover...the Zephyr Portable Spinning Wheel.

I designed and built the original Zephyr Spinning Wheel in 2009, however living on Kauai, there were no spinners to test the design for me. So I set the plan aside (hoping my wife would take up spinning one day). In early 2013 Scott Bechtel contacted me and was interested in building a spinner for his wife, so I sent him my plans, and he has since created TWO of these beauties! Together we have created an exciting new spinning wheel design ~ The Zephyr.

Scott also took all of the stunningly beautiful photographs on this page.

The Zephyr is a dual treadle portable spinning wheel, and thanks to Scott's engineering creativity and excellent craftsmanship the plan now also comes with LOTS of new options! The Zephyr that Scott built is shown here with some of the yarn that was spun by his wife. You'll also notice the addition of the optional cup holder that Scott created.

Here the wide dual treadles are easily seen. Since this pictute, Scott has also created a comfort-adjust option for the back brace of the Zephyr that allows for hours of comfortable spinning. The comfort-adjust feet are now part of the Zephyr plans.

On this view one can see the large capacity spools...and of course, Scott's optional cup holder, perfect for holding your latte (or beer), while you spin.

Here Scott is showing the back of the Zephyr. That chrome colored eye bolt in the back brace is swiftly removed to fold the Zephyr for easy transport to your next yarn spinning group meeting.

Scott's excellent craftsmanship, and engineering creativity is evident throughout this entire project.

The Zephyr plan comes with an excellent line up of whorles in various ratios so that you can choose the best speed for the type of spinning that you do. In this picture you can easily see the large bobbin, fly and interchangable whorles.

Many thanks go out to Scott Bechtel for these beautiful pictures of the Zephyr that he built for his wife. He also built a second Zephyr for her friend and spinning instructor. The input and suggestions from these two wonderful spinners has helped us create the best, most comfortable Zephyr possible. And I think that you'll agreee, Scott's incredible engineering skills and craftsmanship has created an absolutely stunning new machine.

Other builders' interpretations of my Zephyr design will be found here: Zephyr Flickr Pool

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