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Whirly Kinetic Sculpture

This is the beautiful and multi-adaptable Whirly.

Robert Hains and I designed this kinetic sculpture to give the builder an abundance of creative options. Shown above is Robert's beautiful version of the spring driven tabletop Whirly, and the plans also show you how to create a wall mounted, or a weight-driven sculpture. This plan gives instructions for building more than four different sculpture options!

The display wheels are designed to look large, however because of their unique shape they can easily be cut on a scrollsaw or even on the smaller home cnc's.

With this design, the display wheel diameters can also easily be increased if the builder wants them BIG!

The Whirly as shown stands 31.5" (80cm) tall and is 19.5" (49.5cm) wide.

This is a close-up of the pallets, escapement and spring drive mechanism, however, if you prefer a weight-driven sculpture, the instructions also show you how to create a weight-driven Whirly with either a straight weight drop, or even with a doubling pulley that doubles the scuplture's run time.

From this side we can see the pallet arms that alternately rise and fall with the movement of the display wheels.

This view shows the rewind mechanism, and in back of the large cog is the pulley that would be used in the weight-driven version.

The Whirly was designed to be simple to build, and to be creatively adaptable to meet the unique criteria of each builder: weight drive, spring drive, wall mount, tabletop options are all described in the plans for Whirly. You simply choose the design that suits your needs best!

Below is the YouTube video of Robert's beautiful Whirly in action.


See other builders' interpretations of our Whirly design here: Whirly Kinetic Sculpture Flickr Pool

And see some Whirly's in motion here: Whirly Playlist on YouTube

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