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Twiddle Sticks Kinetic Sculptures


That is Twiddle on the left, and Sticks on the right. Both are lively, fun, and easy to build. Twiddle and Sticks are both included in my plan called, "Twiddle Sticks." See them in motion in the videos below.



Twiddle and Sticks are two of the many kinetic sculptures discussed in depth in my book Joy in Motion. In developing these lively kinetic sculptures, the book begins with a concept for a kinetic sculpture design, and then we explore the entire creative process, from beginning to end - including mistakes, as well as triumphs. Twiddle and Sticks are two of the successful results of that wonderful journey.

You do not need the book to build these sculptures. Everything you need to know is also contained in the Twiddle Sticks plans, however more detail on the eitire creative process is described, and in much more detail, in my book Joy in Motion.

Twiddle is a three-wheeled spring-driven energetic sculpture.

The Sticks kinetic sculpture shown here is a weight-driven sculpture, and proves that display wheels do not need to be round to have a lovely, dancing action. In my new book, we discuss how Sticks can also be converted from being weight-driven into being a spring powered mechanism..

See other builders' interpretations of my Twiddle and Sticks design here: Twiddle Sticks Kinetic Sculptures

And if we receive any YouTube video links from Twiddle Sticks builders, they'll be here: Twiddle Sticks on YouTube

Instant Auto-Download

The auto-download contains BOTH pdf and dxf plans for the Twiddle Kinetic Sculpture AND the Sticks Kinetic Sculpture:

Hand builders will use the pdf files.

Electronic builders will use the dxf files.

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