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Toucan Clock


Here is the stunningly beautiful Toucan that Jeff built. It is an electromagnetically impulsed, table top clockworks.

This is the walking escapement that drives the Toucan. You can see this unique escapement in action in Jeff's video below.

Classic clean lines that would grace any mantle.

Jeff did an outstanding job creating his Toucan, as you can see in the video above. Jeff also took all of the photographs on this page--thanks, Jeff!

Be sure to check out the wonderful interpretations of "Toucan" by other clocksters in this Flickr Pool: Toucan Flickr Pool

We also have a YouTube playlist of Toucans in motion, thanks to videos posted by their makers: Toucan Clocks on YouTube

The Toucan was a group project; Leonel initiated the inspiration, Jeff designed the electronics, Forrest designed the beautiful curves you see in the frame, and Adrian proved that the Toucan can be built as drawn, and he and Jeff also wrote a lot of the coil building instructions that kept Toucan from being relegated directly into Masochist's Corner.

Note that this clock uses electricity! Ooooo, scary! Do not order plans for this clock. If you are going to hurt yourself, don't order these plans. Make sure to take all safety precautions. Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer, etc.


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