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This is Tempo, and to fully appreciate her unusual kinetics, you must watch her on the move in the video below.

Tempo is a super easy clock design. This mechanism only has three wheels to cut! The wheels are mounted to a simple uni-frame making the Tempo fun, quick and easy to build. Tempo has a few other very unique features: her kinetic pendulum is set right out front and has mounted to it two chapter rings. One chapter ring is for the second's hand, and the other for the minute and hour hands. Another unique feature is that the hour hand is moved in an unconventional way using a daisy cam that eliminates cutting the two extra wheels and pinions that are usually used to drive the hour hand.

This Tempo was built by my friend Bob Brown. Bob proofed the plans for me, and I think he did a beautiful job. His wood combinations are wonderful, like the zebra wood pallets, daisy and bob, and his craftsmanship is evident throughout the mechanism. Bob also tells me that his Tempo was a fun project to build and is running great and keeping good time. Thanks Bob!



See Tempo in action on the video player above, or click here for the YouTube link: Tempo by Bob Brown

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and see more Tempo Clocks in action here: Tempo on YouTube

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