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Dr. Boyer's Singularly Glorious Steampunk Impulse Engine

Do you remember when you were a kid, and every year dreaming that you would find a steam engine under the Christmas tree...and the disappointment because it was never there?

Well, here you go! This Steampunk Impulse Engine is not really powered by steam, nor even those difficult-to-find dilithium crystals many of the newer impulse engines use in their plasma conduits. This engine is powered by a constant force spring and will give a glorious kinetic show for about twenty minutes on a wind.

You can see this "Steampunk Impulse Engine" in action on the video player below, or click here: Steampunk Impulse Engine on YouTube


The Steampunk Impulse Engine is designed to look like an old-tyme industrial steam engine. This wonderful and easy to build kinetic sculpture is designed as a tabletop mechanism, but because it sits flush along the back, it can also be mounted on a shelf, or to the wall by using brackets.


A little steampunk detail on the flywheel.

A simple and elegant power transmission system that gives the Steampunk Impulse Engine a truly glorious visual kinetic motion display.

Here is Adrian Iredale's magnificent interpretation of the Steampunk Impulse Engine:


See other builders' interpretations of my Steampunk Impulse Engine design here (as they become available): Steampunk Engine Flickr Pool

and see more Steampunk Engines in motion by our friends here: Steampunk Engine on YouTube

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