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Moa Lolo Kinetic Sculpture

Building mechanically flapping bird wings, and trying to immitate nature, can create a fascinating kinetic sculpture.

We first began with our simple "Wings" sculpture. It was lovely, even if the only movement of the wings was up and down.

But then, the engineering genius of my co-conspirator, Grumps, morphed that simple Wings sculpture into this amazing, full-on kinetic bird, the Moa Lolo.

"Moa" in Hawaiian describes a large bird. In common useage "moa" is usually referring to a chicken. Some of you may know that my email address is "moalanikai," which translates to "chicken heaven by the water". The "Lolo" means crazy, and this definitely looks like one crazy bird!

Its beak opens and closes.You can almost hear the Moa Lolo screeching as it travels the virtual skies. Its eyes rotate, google up and down, and its legs come forward and back. The wings not only flap up and down, but also smoothly glide side to side.

In side view the graceful lines of Moa Lolo are almost spooky looking with its long, graceful "feathers" and spikey legs.

See photos of other builders' interpretations of my Moa Lolo design here (as they become available): Moa Lolo Kinetic Sculpture

And if we receive any YouTube video links from Moa Lolo builders, they'll be here: Moa Lolo on YouTube

Moa Lolo plans are available through TWO different methods of delivery. Please choose only one option:

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This email option contains BOTH pdf and dxf plans for Mantis:

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Electronic builders will use the dxf files.

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