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Medieval Rack Clock

This is the Medieval Rack, a nearly silent moving clock that smoothly glides under its own power down its track each day.

This design also has the advantage that it can be mounted in places where an ordinary clock with pendulum and weights cannot, like above a fireplace mantle, or in that space above your desk.

This is also a chance to use some of your most beautiful hardwoods, as Jeff did here with that stunningly warm cherry - or you can build it completely from ply.

Did you notice the hour dial above, and the minute hand below? But look(!), the minute dial does not go completely around! The Medieval Rack has a unique retrograde minute hand. The minute hand travels clockwise from left to right and on the hour quickly zooms back to the left to begin its partial rotaion once again. You will see this retrograde action in Jeff's video below. The retrograde assembly easily lends itself to the addition of an optional hourly strike, as well. "Ding!"

It is called the Medieval Rack because it has a medieval verge and foliot type escapement, and because the clock travels each day quietly down its track (rack). This clock is an amazingly accurate timekeeper because we have made improvements over the original medieval verge and foliot design. This clock takes a day to run down its track, and to rewind, simply push the mechanism back up to the top.

Here is a side view in which we are looking directly up the rack of Jeff's beautifully built clock. The Medieval Rack's balanced design appears to "float" quietly as it descends each day.

Many thanks to Jeff on his excellent and beautiful build, and for all of the pictures above and video below of his glorious Medieval Rack in action.  See Jeff's video below, or click on this link:  Medieval Rack on YouTube


Below is Mark Roller's interpretation. Another truly beautiful Medieval Rack. Thank you, Mark, for helping to proof the plans.

See other builders' interpretations of my Medieval Rack design here: Medieval Rack Clock

and view some Medieval Racks in action here: Medieval Rack on YouTube

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