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Mechanical Eye Kinetic Sculpture

(I see you, and I know what you did...)


This is the Advanced Mechanical Eye that is programmed to maintain complete surveillance over your entire domain.

The movement of the five gears and the random eye movements are mesmerizing.


The Mechanical Eye plans allow the builder to create both the Simple and Advanced versions of this unique mechanism. It is shown here as a tabletop kinetic sculpture, but can also be created with a wall mount option.

The Simple version of the Mechanical Eye shown below has an all-wooden pupil, and with no gears to cut, allows for quite a simple build.

This is my much simplified, easy-to-build version of the complex sculpture that inspired my design, which can be seen at

See other builders' interpretations of my Mechanical Eye design here (as they become available): Mechanical Eye Kinetic Sculpture

And if we receive any YouTube video links from Mechanical Eye builders, they'll be here: Mechanical Eye on YouTube

Instant Auto-Download

The auto-download contains BOTH pdf and dxf plans for the Simple and Advanced Versions of the Mechanical Eye:

Hand builders will use the pdf files.

Electronic builders will use the dxf files.

You do not have to have a Paypal account to purchase this plan--just use the "pay with credit or debit" option when you get the payment page. The price of the auto-download plan is $42.00:


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