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Joy in Motion: Exploring Kinetic Sculpture

by Dr. Clayton Boyer

For all of you who have wondered about the process that I follow in creating these fascinating kinetic sculptures, here is a book with the answers.

In the book Joy in Motion: Exploring Kinetic Sculpture there are no completed plans. Completed kinetic sculpture plans are available on my website. Instead, we walk through the creative process from beginning to end; from concept to reality, and show the steps that I use to bring a sculpture to life. I describe in much more detail how some of the kinetic sculptures shown on my website actually work.

You’ll also get to see some completely unique mechanisms. There are many sculptures shown in the 282 pages of Joy in Motion: Exploring Kinetic Sculpture that have not been previously displayed, and cannot be seen anywhere else.

Other creative builders are also showcased in this book as their work illustrates the various sculptures, techniques, skills or just plain genius of those woodworkers from around the world with whom I’ve been so blessed to come to know as virtual friends.

The way I create is certainly not the only way. There are many ways of applying engineering and physics, after all. But I think understanding the process will be a useful guide in helping builders create their own unique and exciting sculptures.

The price of the pdf book is $56.00 and is available as an instant download using the link below:

As I receive pictures of completed original designs from their makers using principles from my book, I will post them in this Flickr pool:

Original Designs by Kinetic Sculptors

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