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Journey Clock

The Journey is a tabletop, half-second beat clock that has only two wheels in its going train: an escape and third wheel. It has no center wheel, so how does it keep time?

The minute wheel is driven by an epicyclic pinion that rides upon the third wheel and rotates around the central stationary sun wheel and thus slowly turns the movable minute wheel. The epicyclicly driven minute hand then drives the hour hand through hypocycloidal gearing.

All of this is kept in constant motion by a motorized remontoir that is activated by a rolling ball about every 15 seconds as the ball travels back and forth in the serpentine race that is raised by the remontoir motor, and lowered by the running clock. The power is provided by a typical 9vdc wall mount power supply.

The rolling ball's action is similar to the notoriously inaccurate Congreve clock, but the timing on the Journey, unlike the Congreve, is not by the time it takes the ball to roll its course, but by a very accurate pendulum system.

The beautiful Journey shown above was elegantly built by Forrest Burnett.


Here is Bob Brown's beautiful all hardwood frame version of the Journey. Here you can see the lovely solid wood accents Bob has added to his Journey. The top right picture is of the back side of his clock and shows how the remontoir motor is mounted to a movable arm, and how the half second pendulum is integrated.

 Below Bob Brown's video of his Journey in action.

See other builders' interpretations of my Journey design here: Journey Clock

Some Journey clocks in action on YouTube: Journey on YouTube

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