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In the early 1800's William Strutt invented a completely new and ingenious clock using epicyclic gearing. This is my version of Strutt's amazing mechanism. This Epicyclic is spring driven with a constant force spring and will run about 40 hours on a wind. This clock has the most amazing epicyclic motion train, too, in that as the epicyclic wheel is traveling around the "sun" gear attached to the frame, a second wheel with two more teeth mounted behind it is being forced to slowly move the hour hand along as the 8 pinion revolves around its circumference. There is a great amount of movement everywhere inside this strange and unique clock. The Epicyclic is a mantle clock and stands about 20" high.

My friend Adrian Iredale had a great time with his interpretation of my design. At the time he made his video, the plan was not yet for sale; it is now available, but only to Masochist Corner vets. You can see Adrian's "Epicyclic" in action on the video player below, or click here: Epicyclic on YouTube

Adrian makes such wonderful videos! You should check out his YouTube channel. Thanks, Adrian, for the test build and the video.

As I receive the pictures, other builders' interpretations of my "Epicyclic" design will be found here: Epicyclic Flickr Pool

To see some Epicyclics in motion, visit our Epicyclic playlist on YouTube: Epicyclic Playlist


Epicyclic Clock plans are available only in dxf format. As with all of my Masochist's Corner designs, the Epicyclic does not come with a separate set of instructions or a materials list.

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