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Modern Times


Modern Times is an amazingly simple clock to build and easy to get into beat. Like Simplicity, I had my Modern Times cut out and running within two days (Warning: Don't try this at home). This is partly because Modern Times uses a "uni-frame" construction to which all the wheels are mounted, thus eliminating the need for a separate front framework - also because Modern Times only uses a single hour hand, cutting of all those extra wheels for the dial train is eliminated.

The single hour hand travels around the large, 13.5 inch diameter chapter ring showing the hours in Roman numerals. At the base of the chapter ring are holes drilled for each 15 minute increment and the center hole of the hour hand aligns directly over each of these marks to tell the approximate minute.

Except for the hardwood uni-frame, my Modern Times is made completely from Baltic birch ply, but the small wheels throughout Modern Times make it an ideal project for solid wood construction.


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