Clayton Boyer Clock Designs



I had no name for this one while building it, but once it was finished it reminded me so much of a lollipop that I've nicknamed her "Lolli". Her mechanism is based roughly on clockworks designed by early American clockmakers around the time of the American Revolution.

She has a solid wood, 7200bph movement, which means she ticks twice a second, and runs for 26 hours on a winding. Her hands are fully adjustable, synchronously, by turning the wheel that's just visible under the minute hand and behind the dial ring.

She stands only 29 inches high (Inclination is 41") and sits atop the bookcase in my office, and keeps amazingly accurate time. My friend Adrian liked this one so much that he built it twice! See both in action at You Tube: Lolli and Lolli V.2

See more pictures of Lolli clocks built from my plans here: Lolli Flickr Pool

Lolli clock plans are $37.00 and available in paper and dxf format. To order a set of plans for Lolli: email me a picture of a successfully completed wooden clock of MY design, and I will send you a secret link to 2CO's secure ordering site for Lolli. See warning on previous page.